Sasinno SMT Launches Inline Selective Soldering System Revolutionizing PCB Manufacturing

  • 2023-07-01
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The cutting-edge technology in PCB manufacturing is undergoing a paradigm shift. One brand that stands at the vanguard of this transformation is Sasinno Technology with its latest innovation - the Sasinno Inline Selective Soldering System. For electronic engineers and PCB manufacturers, this new entrant into the market represents efficiency, precision, and a significant move away from traditional soldering methods.

The Arrival of Sasinno's Inline Selective Soldering System

Sasinno’s Inline Selective Soldering Systems are compact, precision engineered machines that are a result of intricate research and development. They integrate a suite of features never before brought together in a single system, comprising:

Drop Jet Fluxer Nozzle: For precise and localized fluxing before soldering.

Bottom IR Preheating: Ensuring the PCB and components are at an optimal temperature for soldering.

Selective Solder Pot: Utilizes leaded or lead-free solders to create the actual soldering bonds.

Built-in AOI Function: Post-soldering, every joint is inspected for issues such as bridging, inadequate solder, and more.

The arrival of this system means that once your PCB is soldered, it's also thoroughly checked. The built-in AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) system guarantees an unprecedented level of quality control, ensuring that every joint is assessed. Not only does this mean reduced need for additional inspection steps, but it also paves the way for a more robust, reliable soldering process.

The Benefit of a Full-Function Station

This inline system is more than just a solder tool. It's a complete station for any fluxing, preheating, soldering, and inspection needs. The incorporation of this all-in-one functionality streamlines the manufacturing process, eliminates the need for various stations, and greatly reduces the potential for human error.

The introduction of the Built-in AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) unit is particularly advantageous, allowing for prompt and detailed feedback on any manufacturing deviations. This feedback loop empowers manufacturers to take immediate corrective action, ultimately leading to higher quality and throughput.

Flexibility and Intelligent Automation

The Sasinno Inline Selective Soldering System isn’t just about the present. It provides an intelligent platform that can adapt to different soldering needs in the future. The auto-repair function, for example, means that any area flagged by the AOI system can be resoldered without manual intervention. This feature showcases the system's ability to address immediate issues without disrupting the production line.

The unit also offers a high degree of flexibility that enables it to be used both in line with other PCB manufacturing equipment, or as a standalone machine. This adaptability is a crucial consideration for electronics manufacturers who often need to accommodate a range of production styles and requirements.

Sasinno SMT Launches Inline Selective Soldering System Revolutionizing PCB Manufacturing

A Revolution at the Heart of PCB Manufacturing

Companies that adopt Sasinno Technology's inline selective soldering system are not only upgrading their equipment - they're revolutionizing the heart of PCB manufacturing. With a primary focus on quality, efficiency, and adaptability, this innovation is set to provide a competitive edge to businesses that capitalize on its capabilities.

Sasinno Technology is not just about selective soldering. It manufactures a whole range of equipment including wave soldering and PoP (Package on Package) handling equipment. With a focus on creating an integrated solution for PCB manufacturing, Sasinno is positioning itself as a one-stop-shop for a variety of soldering and PCB assembly needs.

Expanding Horizons With Soldering Technology

The arrival of Sasinno's selective soldering system not only redefines PCB manufacturing but also opens a new chapter in the story of soldering technology. With an emphasis on precision, efficiency, and adaptability, this launch is a testament to Sasinno Technology's commitment to engineering innovative solutions that drive the electronics industry forward.

For PCB manufacturers and technology enthusiasts seeking to optimize their soldering processes, this evolution of technology cannot be overlooked. By embracing these innovations, businesses can enhance their performance, improve their product quality, and potentially reduce costs through increased productivity and reduced rework.

In conclusion, Sasinno Technology's Inline Selective Soldering System is not merely an upgrade to existing machinery; it's an advancement that sets new benchmarks for the industry. Steering the course towards more precise, efficient, and reliable PCB assembly processes, this system stands as a testament to the marrying of innovation with practical application in the world of electronics manufacturing.

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